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B.Sweet & Sons FAQs

(Q).How will I know who attended the funeral?

(A). A list of mourners who attended the funeral can be made, and written in a memorial book.

(Q). What about catering after the funeral?

(A).If you require catering after the funeral you can make arrangements or contact us to make a booking at a hotel or restaurant. Alternatively we can provide catering and staff at your home.

Notices for the newspaper

If you require either a death notice or acknowledgement in a local or national newspaper, please contact us.

(Q). When is the funeral account payable?

(A).T he funeral account is sent to the person responsible for the arrangements or the solicitor, when necessary, about a week after the funeral. The account can be paid for by cash, cheque or credit card.

(Q). How soon after A burial can I put a headstone on the grave?

(A) If the grave is ‘earth’ rather than ‘bricked ‘then the grave will take six months or more before the ground is firm enough to place the weight of a headstone. If the grave is ‘bricked’ inside, then it does not take as long.

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